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BooksOffice Guidelines

Information for submissions and projects

Guidelines for Writers

Welcome to BooksOffice!

Our aim is to provide opportunities for you to promote your work and the chance to adapt your story for the screen. This is an exciting opportunity and we want you to make the most of it. Submitting your profile and your books to the platform is completely free and you can link your books to your chosen sales platform to generate sales and also submit to our unique Readers Offers book shop which give you the chance to co-sell with other authors and earn 70% commissions on your sales. 

We do make a small charge for submission to our projects, these fees contribute to our costs to run this site and to develop material. There’s loads of free advice and support – and our guided submission process will teach you how to create a treatment for your book to adapt for screen.

These Guidelines are to help you to make the most of this site, protect your interests and ours.

The journey from book to screen is thrilling, we wish you all the best of luck!

Adding Your Profile Books to BooksOffice

  1. Adding your profile and information to is free of charge and, subject to the conditions below, you can add as many books as you wish.
  2. You must be over 16 years of age in order to add a profile and submit your work to BooksOffice.
  3. BooksOffice accepts most genres of book but will not accept pornographic or offensive material. If any material of this nature is submitted to the site, it will be removed and the user account deleted.

You and Your Work

  1. You must be a published (Trade, Self or Independent) author.
  2. Any book you submit must be complete and available for sale either in your own online store and/or through at least one online retailer such as Amazon, Kobo, independent online bookstore etc. in digital, printed or audio format. We will provide a sales link though to your preferred sales site so that you can sell your books.  We do not take any  fees or commission for this.
  3. By submitting your work to the website you will be agreeing in full to the Terms and Conditions of the website.
  4. Your book can be written in any language, but your submission must be in English.
  5. Your story can be set in any location in the world (or fantasy world or space!)

Project Submission

  1. You can submit your book/s to as many projects as you wish that are relevant to your genre
  2. You must either own or have permission to assign the media (e.g film and TV) rights to your work.
  3. In order to submit your work to a Project, you must complete either a Series Bible or a Movie Deck or both (this is a guided process on Your Bible/Deck can be edited in draft format, but cannot be edited within a Project once it has been submitted to that Project. However, if you submit to a separate project then you can edit again before submission
  4. You must own or have approval for all material that you submit to BooksOffice, including any text, images or multi-media material uploaded to support your work or your submission
  5. By submitting said material you agree to indemnify BooksOffice Limited against any action by any third party in relation to that material
  6. Promoting your book/s on the site is free, but in order to submit to one of our TV or Movie projects, you will need to pay the appropriate fees to submit your work, our submission fees can be seen on the payment page, and submissions cost from £29 depending on the number of project submissions you make.
  7. Once your work/s has been submitted to a Project it cannot be withdrawn from that Project and will be shown as a submitted work to that Project until the Project closes or until BooksOffice withdraws it within the rules of the voting process for that Project.


Project Promotion

  1. BooksOffice may promote each project to its database of users and, at its own discretion, in any media outside BooksOffice platform
  2. Viewers can vote for the books that they most want to see offered an option to go into development for TV or film
  3. In recruiting users, Writers must ensure each is a separate individual with a legitimate operational email account. The BooksOffice System will have in place checks to ensure the rules for recruitment are met.
  4. Each user registering on BooksOffice receives 5 FREE Tickets each of which entitles them to a free vote. Those votes may be allocated to a single book or multiple books at the discretion of the user. Please note these tickets may also be used be a reader for the purchase of products on our website should they choose to use them for this purpose.
  5. BooksOffice may periodically publish and/or email, promote or otherwise announce the leading contenders but is not obliged to publicly reveal the Vote Count. This will not affect BooksOffice promotion of ALL books entered in the project.
  6. Votes are registered within the BooksOffice system by date and time stamp and recorded in fully auditable and verifiable format. Everyone who votes has a register of their voting transactions within their user profile to keep track of their own personal voting activity
  7. Users may acquire additional Tickets and therefore votes, either through the recommendation of friends or other promotional activity to receive FREE Tickets, or through purchase.

Project Winners

  1. Each Project will result in the winning story being offered an option with a cash value of £500 and a professionally created treatment for presentation as a development project; the winner will be chosen in a 2 stage process. The Top 10 Books as voted by the public will then be pitched to a team of industry professionals who will select the final winner.
  2. BooksOffice may at its own discretion decide to pursue other Books submitted to its projects or site generally. In such case, the Writer will be approached in regard to the filming option being taken.
  3. Winners will be announced on the website and will be available on request by email.

Winning Projects

  1. BooksOffice will place winning Project Books into a development process which may include the following:
    1. The option being placed with a partner production company to be evaluated for further development.
    2. Development of a professional treatment and/or a sample or full script
    3. Pitching preparation for relevant channels of distribution
  2. Options are not a guarantee of further development or of successful placement with a channel and many projects take many years in development. Options are for a specific period, currently 18months, renewable at the end of that period for a fee not less than the original fee.
  3. BooksOffice will keep you informed of developments and discuss any further developments and, if appropriate, act as an agent in agreeing terms of a production contract. 
  4. BooksOffice Reserves the First Right of Refusal on Production of any Book submitted to its Projects.
  5. BooksOffice will make its best endeavours but does not guarantee in any way, including financially, the success of any given Project for further development
  6. The winning prize is not transferable or exchangeable.

Your Rights in Your Work

  1. Your Rights in your work will remain in your ownership throughout the period that you submit that work on BooksOffice, however BooksOffice will have a Right to earn a commission for the placing or take-up of your work with any revenue earning contract, including but not limited to distribution and network commissioning with your agreement
  2. During the period that your work is submitted within a Project, BooksOffice has a contractual Option on that work during that period 
  3. Where BooksOffice is approached by any third party in respect of your work with a view to its development, BooksOffice will notify you of such approach and work with you to negotiate terms with the third party in respect of your Rights should that be appropriate.
  4. Where a third party approaches you independently during the period that your book has been submitted to a project on the site, you’ll be obliged to notify BooksOffice of such an approach in order that BooksOffice manage your interests on your behalf. Within the terms of the Option.