Can I add as many books as I like free?

Yes! Your books doesn’t have to ever be in a project to be on BooksOffice, we are happy for you to promote your work regardless. Add as many books as you like it is completely free of charge.

Do you charge any commission for my books sales?

No! You can link to your sales channels and all the revenue you usually receive for them is yours, we don’t charge fees or commissions.

Can I change the sales links?

Yes! You can update your general book information at any time, only the Movie Deck and Series Bible information is locked when you submit to a project


What is the difference Between a Movie Deck and a Series Bible?

A Movie Deck requires you to present a single story arc for a single film, whereas a Series Bible requires you to present the story divided into episodes with a brief description of the part of the story that will be presented in each episode.

Can I make a Movie Deck and Series Bible for each book?

You can only submit a book as either a series OR a movie in each project, but you can submit in a different form in different projects. So for example you might decide to submit you book as a movie in Project Alpha and as a series in Project Beta.

If I have several books that I think make a series, do I have to submit them all?

No. If you think you have material for a series based on several books, you need only submit the book that represents the beginning of the story.


Should I do a Video Pitch?

It’s optional but we recommend you do. It’s a powerful way to appeal to your readers and to encourage them to support you by voting in a project.

What should I put in my Video Pitch?

Whatever you think will encourage people to vote for you! You could make it a personal appeal, storyboard of your book, a text and music based presentation of your work. Just make sure you own or have permission to use the material within in it

Can I make a longer video pitch?

Not on the BooksOffice site, you are limited to 30 seconds.

Can I promote my video outside BooksOffice?

Absolutely! Your video will be automatically uploaded to our Vimeo channel, which is public, so you can promote it anywhere you like.


How do I decide if my book is right for a project?

Each project will be described in terms of what stories we are looking for – we might launch a project looking for a specific genre or genres – like Crime and Thriller, or we might just be looking for a film in any genre. Your story should fit the type of project well to submit.

How many projects will be launched?

We can’t answer that except to say as many as we possibly can. The more writers we have on the site, the more readers and viewers who sign up to support, the more projects we can make. It’s as simple as that. We also have our ear to the ground to know what the industry is looking for.

What do I have to pay for the Project?

You pay a submission fee each time you submit a book to a project. It costs from £19 to £29 per book depending on how many submissions you purchase. If you win a project, you do not pay anything for the costs of your production, that is paid for by BooksOffice.


Can I submit more than 1 book to a project?

As long as the type of project is right for the books, you can. submit as many as you wish. For example if we launch a project looking for a Romance Film and you have 3 romance novels each of which you think could make a film, then you can submit all three.

How long does a project take?

Generally speaking a project timing will be 1 month for submissions, 1 month for voting, 2 weeks to announcement of winners. From there the winning story will go into pre-production planning, then filming and then editing, all of which will take 3-4 months.

How many books will there be in a project?

At this point, we have not placed any limits on the number of books allowed to submit to a project, so we are unable to give any indication of how many will be submitted.


Is there a limit to the number of people I can invite?

No! Invite as many people as you like. There is an easy to use form on your profile page that makes it easy for you to invite people by entering their email addresses and we will automatically send the email, or you can just tell them about the site and they can sign up that way. Everyone who registers and sets up a profile gets 5 free tickets and they can use them to vote for you in your projects

Can I keep track of my invitations?

If you use the BooksOffice Invitation system it shows you how many invitations you have sent out and how many people have signed up.

Can I see the people who have signed up?

We are committed to privacy on BooksOffice, so we tell you the numbers but not the names of the people. If they use the ‘Like’ button on your pages for you and your books, you will see their icon images pop up on your profile page.


How are Votes Counted?

BooksOffice has a fully automated auditable system for votes. Every person who votes is able to keep track of their votes and what they voted for within their dashboard. We do not publish votes, but each project is independently verifiable and you can request details about winners.

Who can Vote?

Everyone except registered writers and anyone connected with BooksOffice Limited, who are ineligible to vote.

What if more than one book has the same number of winning votes?

In the event that two or more books tie, we will re-open the votes for a further 3 days with only those books competing. At the end of that period, the winning story will be produced..


Is Production a Guaranteed Process?

The winning story will immediately go into the pre-production process to make a short movie, pilot or trailer as appropriate – unless we find a partner for the full movie or series production earlier.

Will I be involved in production?

Yes. We will involve you in all aspects of the production process, although final decisions rest with the Executive Producer, we will accommodate your ideas  and contributions as a writer.

What is involved with production?

Pre and post production and production itself are complex. If your story is successful, we will provide you with a full brief of all the steps involved.


When will I see my story on screen?

This really depends on the ;pitch process and how successful we are in pitching your story to the channels. If your story is commissioned quickly, you may not see anything until the full movie or series is made. 

Will my full story definitely be made?

We. will make the utmost effort to get your project commissioned, after all, your success is our success. But ultimately there is no guarantee that we will be able to place you work. If we do not, you will still see your trailer, short movie or pilot on screen at a premier, either organised by us or at an official movie or TV festival.


What if a producer approaches me about my film or TV rights?

If you are approached after you have submitted to a project or for a period thereafter, you are obliged under our terms and conditions to let us now. We will have first right of refusal on your work, but ultimately our intention is to fairly represent you and help you develop your story so we will aim to help you successfully place your work in the interests of all parties concerned.

Are there ways my story could be produced even if I don't win the vote?

Yes. There are many .

What is involved with production?

Pre and post production and production itself are complex. If your story is successful, we will provide you with a full brief of all the steps involved.


Is my profile public?

No. This platform is for you to interact with writers and books and tell us which ones you want to see made for the screen by voting for your favourite stories in our projects. Your profile stays private within BooksOffice. If you ‘Like’ a writer, they will see your profile Icon in their profile and can visit yours. In the future we may introduce messaging and group services for you to interact more, but you will always have the choice to keep your profile private from anyone else.


Can the author see I have liked them?

Yes. When you like an author your profile picture will appear in their fans section on their profile page. It’s a good way to let them know that you are supporting them.

What happens if I unlike?

Once you have liked a book or author, the button for that specific writer or book changes to Unlike. If you click this, the book and the author will be removed from your Likes panels on your profile page. An author is not notified when you have unliked them.


What's the difference between Tickets and Votes

A Ticket has two values. Firstly, every ticket gives you a Free Vote.Secondly, Tickets can count towards our Rewards system, which earns you special opportunities

What is the difference between Green Tickets and Orange Tickets?

Your Green Tickets are the free ones. for example when you register, we give you 5 free Tickets which show up as green tickets in your profile. Orange Tickets are the ones you can buy. theses tickets also give you free votes, but they also count towards your special rewards. When you vote, you can either use green tickets or orange ones, but they all carry the same single vote.

How can I get more Tickets?

You can get Free Tickets to vote with by inviting your friends to join the website. For every 5 friends who sign up, you will receive 5 free tickets. Alternatively you can purchase tickets. and earn rewards as well as getting free votes.


How do I earn Rewards?

Your earn rewards when you purchase tickets. You can find the current rewards on offer on the Rewards Page.  It also shows youi how mamny tickets you need to reach eachlevel of rewards. rewards include free books, Behind The Scenes (BTS) access, event tickets and even set visits.

Can I exchange my rewards for other things or money?

No. We don’t offer any exchange of rewards and they are not transferable to another person. We don’t assign a monetary value to them and many of our rewards are exclusive to Booksoffice. 

When will I get my rewards?

Some of our rewards are instantly available – like free books. But. for some rewards you will have to wait until an opportunity becomes avail. For example, if you earn an opportunity to be an extra in one of our productions, we will have to wait until a suitable opportunity becomes available.


How many friends can I invite?

As many as you like! There is no limit. For every 5 friends who sign up we will give you 5 free tickets to vote with. 

How do I keep track of my friend invites?

On you profile page there is an invite box that makes it very easy for you to invite friends. You simply add their email addresses and we send them an email on your behalf automatically. It shows you how many invites you have sent and how many have accepted.

What if they are already registered?

If their email address is already on the system, a notice will pop up to tell you they have already joined.

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