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Writing a book is a great achievement. It can take months or even years to craft your story and complete a manuscript and we congratulate everyone who has succeeded in a momentous life accomplishment.

That’s why at BooksOffice we work with authors on an individual basis to make sure we can honour that achievement and help you and your stories grow and reach as many people as possible.

Our programme is unique and we take a much wider view on your work than most publishers – but such commitment means we are only able to take on a limited number of authors under our imprint.

If you would like to submit a manuscript for us to review, the information below will help to guide you about what we are looking for and how to go about submitting your work.


Fiction Genres

In fiction, we will consider all genres. We are particularly keen to see stories with well developed characters and a high level of dialogue.

Genres we are currently favouring are: crime, detective, police procedural, mystery, cosy mystery, gritlit, political drama, period drama, WW2, Romance and Saga. We also like anything quirky or original.

We also love to work with series. If you have completed a first book with others planned or in the pipeline, you can submit the first with an outline of the further titles to come.

Fiction Story Type

We encourage all book  styles, including short story collections, novellas and full length novels.

Your first manuscript must be complete before submission and must be well written and professionally edited. Although we can support the editing process with minor adjustments, any major editing would incur a cost so we encourage you to make sure your work is as polished as possible.

You as an Author

It takes a great deal of commitment to write a book and even more to develop a career.

We’re looking for dedication and flexibility, for authors who love their writing and want their stories to reach as many readers as possible. We’ll be here to help you grow, what we are looking for from you is the commitment to the active marketing of your books. We adopt a number of proven strategies that require consistent and committed time and energy.

We’re happy to hear from first time authors or from already self-published authors who would like to expand their reach.


We are keen to hear from you if you have a manuscript in the Self Help and Spirituality genres, also Health & Wellness, Cookery, Recipes and Food. Please follow the submission guidelines below and add a profile that demonstrates your experiences and qualifications on the topic or your submission.


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Please complete the form below with your submission. We aim to respond to submissions of interest within 12 weeks. Please note that whilst we endeavour to respond to all submissions, due to the quantity we receive this is not always possible. We do read every submission and want you to know that any decision not to move forward with your work is not a reflection of your writing, it’s more to do with our current requirements and capacity, so regardless of the outcome with us, stay positive and keep going – there will be a home for your writing. Please also be sure to submit free to list on BooksOffice and take advantage of all the sales and promotional opportunities we have on there.

Thank you for considering us for your story

– The BooksOffice Team


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Terms & Conditions

Before you submit details of your manuscript to BooksOffice please firstly read and agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

The material you have submitted is your own creative and/or well researched work.

At all times your right as the Author to the intellectual copyright of your work, will be maintained.

BooksOffice guarantees the privacy and intellectual property of you as the Author and will maintain said privacy at all times.

No information regarding any of your personal details will be disclosed to any third parties without your express permission.

No disclosure of email addresses or similar contact data will be allowed without your express permission.

Your personal details may be be used for correspondence.

BooksOffice Limited and its employees, representaives or partners cannot be held responsible for the loss, damage or non-return of any material sent to us in hardcopy or elecronic copy or otherwise.

BE Fearless

The most important thing for you to do as a writer, is to tell your story. If you want to pursue a publisher, then keep at it – here below are just a few authors who were repeatedly rejected before finally going on to sell millions. But realise also that you can make you own way as a self-published author.  Use all the information and tips and tricks at your disposal (including the ones available here on booksoffice) and make your voice heard!

J K Rowling

J K Rowling

The Harry Potter Series


The first Harry Potter book was rejected by 12 publishers (who’s sorry now?) before finding a home with Bloomsbury

Stephen King

Stephen King



Stephen Kings first novel Carrie was rejected 30 times – he went on to become the most famous horror writer of  all time

William Golding

William Golding

The Lord of the Flies


No, 20 times no! William Golding had to get past 20 rejections to get his all time classic Lord of the Flies published