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Mary Jane Wells – A True Story of Heroism

A Soldier, A Heroine, A Survivor.

One Woman’s Journey to Tell the Truth 

Heroine is the true story of Danna Davis, a soldier in the US Army. A woman whose courage and bravery saved lives – and whose sexuality almost cost her hers. At the same time as serving and protecting her country, risking all on the front lines…

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Jenny Garrett – Rocking Powerful Roles for Women

Helping you believe in you!

Jenny is an inspiration.

Most of us hide our light – for many reasons; because of social rules, or peer pressure or for fear of what it might mean to really shine. What Jenny does, is to help us shine a light on ourselves – and then encourage us shine that light out to the world, brilliantly. 

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Michelle Holland – Heartwarming Stories from an Animal’s Hero

Raising a voice for those who can’t be heard…

If ever there was a writer whose passion can be heard in every word, it would be Michelle Holland. Michelle’s life has pretty much been been dedicated to the welfare of her beloved animals, for whom she has worked tirelessly to raise awareness, funding and care.

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Annabelle Knight Writes a Sexy Mashup for Autumn

Love and lust written with authority

Annabelle Knight’s bestselling first novel puts a woman’s spin on a traditionally male domain – and makes it a triumph. A qualified sex and relationship expert, Annabelle has helped countless couples and advises across a diverse spectrum on love and intimacy – and one of her passions is putting sex back on equal terms.

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Jonathan Digby Brings Elizabethan London to Thrilling Life

A Fascinating mix of Fact and Fiction …

This fast-paced thriller is compelling and gripping, not just in its twisting plot but in its meticulously researched setting, where in the court of Queen Elizabeth, her spy-master and chief counsellor Sir Francis Walsingham becomes involved in the murder of a Portuguese nobleman.

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Grant Gillespie – A Twist in a tale of Normal

Horrifyingly dark and disarmingly funny…

Gripping and thought provoking, dark and yet peppered with humour, Grant Gillespie’s ‘The Cuckoo Boy’ is an almost disconcertingly perceptive in its observation of how we are able to cast a veneer over the meaning of – and acceptance of – what is ‘normal’.

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