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Catalyst for life changing growth

Being the change...

Jenny Garrett is a change maker and a thought leader – which puts her in the best position to help you effect change in your life too. A speaker at events worldwide, on a personal and at organisational level, Jenny is a respected and sought after transformational coach whose presentatiuons, courses and retreats have inspired countless people to change their lives for the better.

Helping you believe in you

Jenny is an inspiration.

Most of us hide our light – for many reasons; because of social rules, or peer pressure or for fear of what it might mean to really shine. What Jenny does, is to help us shine a light on ourselves – and then encourage us shine that light out to the world, brilliantly. 

Rocking Your Role addresses a subject that many would have us keep in the dark – the power of women as breadwinners. This book is about creating the space for yourself to accept and be the best ‘Main Earner’ you can be and Jenny offers a guided process that allows you to peal away the layers (those walls you may have carefully built up), and to explore your true potential in that role –  in fact, to rock that role! Taking ME as a metaphor however, leads to the view that actually this process has value far beyond the specific role of the book – and to the very core of the idea that peeling away those layers is a process we can all benefit from to achieve a more thorough understanding of who we really are and what we really want from life. An intriguing idea for a chat show?