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krystyna fitzgerald-morris

Author Portrait photography that's as creative as you are

A picture of YOU

Your author portrait is an essential part of telling your story. Readers engage with the person behind the words; the words that absorb, engage and entertain them, particularly if you have transported them, perhaps to another place or another time, they want to see who has given them that joy. So make your portrait more than just a ‘headshot’ – make it the glory of you. BooksOffice resident photographer Krystyna Fitzgerald-Morris is an artist with the camera, a woman whose passion is to capture the person you want people to see. I asked Krys to send me some words about her work and true to form, what she sent is a loving, long and open letter – by clicking the envelope icons on this page you can read what she has to say and find out about her own extraordinary life. Some of her amazing work is also shown here – by the time you’ve reached the end of the page, you may decide you would like to see yourself in all your glory, if you do, get in touch! 

          it is very much about building a mutual trust of one another. It’s about being in each other’s company for that hour or two, and creating images that portray the spirit of the person,
the real person

– Krystyna FitzGerald-Morris

Krystyna is incredibly gifted. She is blessed with the ability to LISTEN; to really listen, and to take care to really understand and visualise what I am trying to achieve. She has created a most beautiful album cover for me, as well as stunning studio portraits, en plein air shots and has captured wonderful live performance moments. I can’t recommend her highly enough

Terry Ronald

Author, songwriter, producer and singer,

Krystyna’s gentle, encouraging nature allows for an intimate rapport in the studio. She puts me at ease during a shoot by offering a safe, friendly space where I can drop the ego and give in to the creative experience. Krystyna sees the beauty in people and captures this with precision and joy. She is an intuitive artist and a highly skilled photographer. Her work is beautiful, original and often spectacular.

DJ Connell


I always love being photographed by Krystyna; she not only makes you look wonderful, but the process is a delight as well. She’s a joy to work with and her photographs are drop-dead gorgeous!

Rebecca Chance


"It's all in the eyes..."
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          sometimes quite suddenly people enter into our lives with a whirlwind of energy and wonderful things can be created as ideas bounce between minds. From that initial seed of an idea that grows and evolves and takes all kinds of twists and turns along the way. I think of the many creative, inspirational people I have met over the years and continue to meet today and look forward to meeting in the future.

– Krystyna FitzGerald-Morris