A gritty crime drama set on the streets of Manchester. Amy and Mark marry young, seemingly the wedding of her dreams, but actually the start of a nightmare. Even at his reception with pregnant Amy about to give birth, Mark is cheating with Ginger Jenny in the alley behind the hall. Fast forward five years and with two kids, the couple struggle daily to keep their head above water. A secret gambler, Mark loses his wages regularly on the horses and finally ends up desperate to find cash to pay the bills. Unable to tap up his mates any more, he ends up going to a loan shark. But is he thinks Lenny Yates will give him a break when it comes to repayments, he's badly mistaken. Lenny will make him pay - and worse, he'll make Amy pay using the darkest methods possible...



After being cheated on by her ex, Leanne Riley is trying to get her life back on track, not easy without a job and living in a bedsit with a junkie and a mad woman. On a night out with her bestie she re-discovers Jake, charming, handsome and loaded, a far cry from the gawky teenager she knew him as. But good looks and money can hide a multitude of sins. What will it take to make his mask slip, and who will die in the process . . . ?


When Frank Peter’s wife Maureen dies, he feels his once-idyllic life on the Yorkshire Moors is over. Then one night he finds a frightened young woman hiding at the back of his farmhouse. Frank offers her a bed for the night but it’s the middle of winter, and when heavy snowfall prevents her from leaving the next day, he’s forced to extend the invitation. But the longer Irena stays, the easier it gets for the men she’s trying to escape from to find her...


When four old school friends decide to make some easy money, they pick the wrong target. Robbing a small supermarket on a Manchester estate looks easy - but with one of them wounded and a dead body on their hands, things can't get worse. But they do. The supermarket is the front for something bigger. The friends are small fish now plunged into a very big pond and they are now swimming with the great white sharks of the criminal underworld.


When Ellie Fisher misses her train home one night, she has no idea being in the right place at the wrong time will change her life forever. She comes across Gareth, a young man about to take his own life. Putting her own life in danger Ellie convinces him there is always something left. Her own life is no bed of roses, she explains, but she pushes on. However, good deeds aren’t always repaid the way we want. Has Ellie unwittingly put her life in danger, or is the real danger closer to home?


Joe Weeks is new to the Grange Estate. Tolerant, doesn't mind a bit of weed, doesn't try to pull other men's women. Live and let live is his motto . . . Eddie Quinn is the hardest man on the estate. Everyone knows that it's a bad idea to cross him, or his pit bull. But everyone also knows he's honest, as drug dealers go. Joe's pleased when Eddie offers him a job. But then he meets Katya. A prostitute. A slave. And desperate to escape from Eddie.


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