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Gavin Mitchell

as Mark (early years)

Keiran Hill

as Mark (as a boy)

Mark Cox

as Mark (early 20’s)

Ian Pirie

as Mark 

Cameron Jack

as Mark

Adam McNamara

as Mark

Laura McMonagle

as Clare

Seylan Baxter

as Anne

Russell Brand

as Joe

Ross Kemp

as Bill

Tamer Hassan

as Sanjay

Dom Littlewood

as Heroine Addict

Leslie Ash

as Care’s Mum

Kenny Fullwood

as Walshy

Alexander Vlahos

as Sprog/Clive

Ciaran Lawless

as Bill

David Blanka

as Bangee

Kate Braithwaite

as Karen

Alex Boorman

as Jimmy

Kieran Brown

as Ronnie

Maya Pillar

as Estee

Farshid Rokey

as Tox

Manuel Barroso

as Raoul

Natasha Rae

as Sandra

Anna G Cuartero

as Consul

Matthew Blaney

as Brian

Tommy Garside

as John Brett

Benja Miguel

as Prison Mate




A raw and uncompromising, yet often darkly funny autobiography, Nothing To Declare is the story of Mark Dempster charting his life as an alcoholic drug addict and dealer and eventual descent in to homlessness and hopelessness before he turns his life around. Born into poverty within a family of drinkers in one of Glasgow’s toughest areas, Mark’s upbringing dooms him to a life of hardship. Drinking by the age of 10 and taking drugs soon after, Mark was not short of ambition – he wanted to travel the world. But where as most would do so in search of sea, sand and cultural experience, Mark’s search was for the best drugs to bring back to the UK and sell. Always in search of the next high, his life inevitably spirals out of control and he ends up at rock bottom. Only then when death threatens, does he attempt the journey back to life.


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