Limited Edition 2-Story Paperback

Limited Edition 2-Story Paperback


Special pre-launch limited edition paperback featuring Rosie’s Story, First Love and Vivian’s Story, Forbidden Love. This exclusive book introduces the six women Rosie, Vivian, Norma, Peggy, Ida and Phyllis, who all meet in a parachute factory at the end of world war 2 and become firm friends.

Comforting each other one day when a bloodied failed chute is returned to the factory having killed the soldier who was using it, they share a rare treat, a precious tin of biscuits. From then on they each vow to keep their letters and mementoes in their own tin and The Biscuit Tin Secrets Club is formed.

HURRY! Limited Stock!

**The is edition comes with a personally signed card from Samantha Michaels and is also signed by actress and series Director Kelli Hollis. Plus your chance to win a membership to The Biscuit Tin Secrets Club! See details below**

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This special limited edition paperback will come with a signed card from Samantha Michaels – a very special one! You will find a signed card from a pack of Vintage bicycle playing cards – and on each is also a code. But ONLY ONE of these cards has the winning code! When you receive it come back to the site and enter your code into the form on the Code Breaker page and see if you have won a free membership to The Biscuit Tin Secrets Club. Good luck!

Bicycle Cards Pack

Vintage Bicycle Cards

PS Did you know that special Bicycle Cards playing decks were sent to POWs in WW2? Some of them secretly contained escape maps between the layers which could be accessed by soaking the card in water. It helped many allies escape!